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Spiritual Feelings - Easter reflections

The season of Easter has always been for Christians a season of mixed feelings. From the shouting and exuberance of Palm Sunday through the distress Maundy Thursday, the sadness of Good Friday and the joy of Easter Sunday our feelings descend and rise again.   But no matter which emotion we feel, they all have the capacity to connect us to the divine and to experience the spiritual journey, not just in our minds but also in our hearts. Through Easter we will reflect on and experience this raft of spiritual feelings.


Sunday Morning Worship

April 7th 

9.00 am St. Paul’s Byron Bay

April 14th (Palm Sunday)
9.00 am St. Paul’s Byron Bay

11.00am St. Columba's Ewingsdale

April 18th Maundy Thursday

6.00 pm St. Paul's     Service of shadows

April 19th  Good Friday

9.00 am St. Paul's    Good Friday service

April 21st (Easter Sunday)
7.30am St Columba’s Ewingsdale

9.00  am St. Paul’s Byron Bay

April 28th: 
9.00 St. Paul’s Byron Bay
11.00am St. Oswald’s Broken Head



Evensong is a peaceful worship service held in the late afternoon and loved around the world for it's beauty and depth. Enjoy the choir, or just sit and take in the present moment, all within an hour.

SpiritSong is a twice monthly opportunity to sing spiritual chants. Some of the chants are interspiritual and will sit easily with people from many spiritual traditions. The chants are interspersed with silence and inspirational readings from many traditions. The music is generally live and like many folk gatherings people of different singing abilities are welcomed as the service is led by our music leaders. As Spiritsong is at the beginning of the evening the atmosphere is relaxed yet sacred.

Sunday 7th April 2019 @ St. Paul's Spirituality Centre, 5pm


SPIRITSONG: April 14th & 28th.

@St. Paul's Spirituality Centre

Theme for April: The Light and Darkness

Wednesday Wisdom
We not only can practise our spirituality, we can also understand it. In fact, this is the meaning of enlightenment … it is our capacity to be mindful of what is happening in our inner selves while we do spirituality and reflect on why we are doing what we are doing. At Wednesday Wisdom we read and discuss insightful materials that help us discover the nature of our selves and our spirituality. Wednesday wisdom meets at St. Paul's at 10am on a Wednesday


April 2019.

Wednesday wisdom will be on every Wednesday at 10am in St. Paul's Spirituality centre for discussions on the Spiritual Feelings. Note there will be no Wednesday wisdom on April 24th.

Thursdays: Pilates and Movement with Bridgid Pearse

About the teacher: Bridgid Pearse has worked as movement teacher for over 15 years. She has a Diploma of Dance from the Northern Rivers Conservatorium and a Diploma in Pilates and Movement Therapy from the Australian Pilates Method Association. She also teaches at Ballina Pilates.


This class is an opportunity to move your body to eclectic movement in a safe and joyous way.

Thursdays - 11am to 12 noon

A creative and restorative movement class


Pilates - Mat classes
10am – 10:45am,
12:15 – 1pm,
2:00pm – 2:45


St Paul's Spirituality Centre

14 Kingsley Street Byron Bay

St Columba's

William Flick Ln, Ewingsdale

St. Oswald's

521 Broken Head Rd, Broken Head

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